An American Airlines aircraft made an emergency landing on Wednesday after what one passenger described as "a sudden explosion of smoke" on board.

The passenger, Terron Austin, tweeted that the flight from Los Angeles to New York had been diverted to Phoenix, Arizona, and that there had been "a sudden explosion of smoke followed by an announcement of immediate readiness for landing" .

In a response to Austin on Twitter and in a statement to Business Insider, American Airlines confirmed the hijacking. In the statement, it was stated that there was "an odor" on board and that staff members were investigating reports of smoke.

Flight AA10 took off from the Los Angeles International Airport at 9:10 pm PT on Wednesday, headed to John F. Kennedy International Airport, where it was scheduled to land at 5:17 am .

But the Airbus A321 was diverted to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport after an hour and 36 minutes of flight, 372 km east of LAX, according to FlightRadar24, a flight tracking website.

Two other Airbus A321 aircraft from the American Airlines fleet. AP

Tom Podolec, aviation photojournalist for CTV's Canadian network, tweeted the flight: "Reported emergency for smoke in the cabin, 97 persons on board." Landed and inspected by [Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting.] No injuries. Taxed at the door. "

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The full tweet from Austin Wednesday night said: "So … we will land emergency at #Phoenix on my 21h flight, Paris time, from #LA to #NYC." A smoke explosion Suddenly followed by an announcement preparing us immediately for the landing.We did not yet have a two hour flight.AmericanAir Flight # 10. "

Austin said later: "Nearly an hour later, both good restaurant and hotel were secured for tonight's stay at #Phoenix via one of five staff members who rushed to help all passengers from @AmericanAir stolen / delayed flight from #LA to #NYC. "

In response to Austin, American Airlines said"We are working to get another plane now."