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The Irish low-cost airline received poor ratings regarding seating comfort, food and beverages, boarding and its cabin environment

Ryanair has won for the sixth year in a row the dubious honor of the UK's least-loved short-haul airline.

The results of a survey of passengers with airline passengers ranked Ryanair last among the 19 carriers departing from the United Kingdom.

The top five are Aurigny Air Service (Guernsey), Swiss Airlines, Jet2, Norwegian and Dutch carriers KLM.

A Ryanair spokesman said that the survey did not reflect the success of the airline.

The other major British airlines, Easyjet and British Airways, were ranked 11th and 15th, respectively.

Easyjet beat British Airways scores in terms of catering, customer service and value, but both were rated poorly for seating comfort.

Ryanair faced a strike action in 2018, canceled flights but declined to offer compensation to passengers and introduced new baggage rules three times.

The airline, which predicts it will carry 141 million passengers this year, has also left passengers impressed by its boarding process, its comfort, its offering of food and beverages and its cabin environment.

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The customer satisfaction survey was better for Easyjet than for Ryanair or British Airways

& # 39; Never again & # 39;

This indicated that "thousands of respondents" said that they would never fly the airline again.

Of the respondents who chose an airline they will never fly on, 70% chose Ryanair.

However, independent aviation consultant Chris Tarry said that, despite the low levels of satisfaction, customers were still happy to fly with the Irish carrier.

"Ryanair always represents an excellent value for a considerable number of people.What they receive is what they expect."

Tarry said the airline had "a difficult year", but it still generated "huge amounts of cash."

"Painful lessons have been learned," Tarry said.

A spokesman for Ryanair said: "Ryanair's passenger numbers have increased 80% in the last six years and Ryanair.com has become the website of the world's most visited airline.

"These facts reflect what customers want more than just a non-representative survey of just 8,000 people."