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POCATELLO, Idaho (KIFI / KIDK) – Mayor Brian Blad spoke about the city's airport growth in 2018 and the growth that she observed during her speech on the state from the city of Pocatello, Thursday night.

The airport has had a successful 2018 year with steady growth in the number of passengers.

"So in 2018, our boarding and disembarking figures have increased, which includes all of our revenues and our passengers," said airport manager Benjamin West. We were more than 90,000 passengers, an increase of 15% over 2017. And every month in 2018, our numbers were up from the previous month in 2017. "

Mr. West, who took over management in July after the retirement of former longtime director, David Allen, said he thought good ticket pricing, quality employees and welcoming staff encouraged growth. And he added: a big marketing campaign to get people to fly on the spot.

Regarding 2019, West said they had major improvement plans ahead.

"We will be working a lot on our apron, especially at the airline's terminal terminal," West said. We will carry out repairs to strengthen the road, because old. In addition, the transitional zone in front of our FBO is where the traffic of the AG comes into play, and therefore this deck will be rehabilitated. "

He also added that the apron where fighter jets and other planes had the habit of fighting summer fires, like DC-10s, also had to benefit from paving work and rehabilitation.

The airport has also upgraded all its LED lights, which will reduce costs for the airport.

In 2018, another change was also made to the airport: from March to November, the airport also added a fourth flight.

West said he was taken away for the winter, but they hope to bring him back again in the spring.

West adds that not only is airport growth, but the continued growth of the city of Pocatello and Chubbuck has also helped its numbers.

"We are very excited about all the growth in Bannock County – with Chubbuck and Pocatello – this growth will definitely have an impact on the airport," he said. "The airport is the gateway to the city.You know, we are known as the transport gateway here in southeastern Idaho .These figures are just as more numerous than more and more people are moving into the area with the extension of Northgate, and that the FBI is also using information technology, all of this will contribute to the growth of the airport. and as we keep the number of shipments on the rise, we are very excited about that over the next two years.

West added that they would continue to work with the airlines in 2019 in order to maintain competitive prices for their flyers.