A 17 – year – old girl with Down syndrome and several health problems is fulfilling her dream of becoming a flight attendant, thanks to American Airlines.

Shantell "Shannie" Pooser was born with a cardiac malformation and a series of malformations of the terminal respiratory tract. All her life, she had health problems, but Deanna Miller-Berry, Shannie's mother, told CBS News that her daughter was born to defy all odds.

For years, Shannie traveled from Denmark, South Carolina, to the Cincinnati Children's Hospital for treatment and surgery. In 2016, she underwent a major operation that would save her life. The doctors told Miller-Berry that when her daughter was out of the surgery, she would be in bad shape.

"She came to sing" Let It Go "from Frozen," said Miller-Berry. "The surgeons stood like," We have never heard of this type of operation. This girl sings "Let It Go" in the ICU. ""

It was then that Miller-Berry realized that his daughter had a passion for life that could not be wasted. "I made a vow to God," said Miller-Berry. "I said, Shannie, no matter what you want to do when you get better, we'll make a comprehensive list and I'll make it happen. If you live long enough and doctors can treat you 100%, I will do my best to make your dreams come true. "

Shannie has compiled a list of four or five things – the first dream was made on the occasion of her 17th birthday in October. Shannie has been to Cincinnati more than 50 times since 2016.

Shannie's birthday was made very special with a party on an American Airlines flight. Deanna Miller-Berry

"We became friends with a large number of flight attendants and pilots, and she kept repeating," Mom, I want to be a flight attendant, "Miller said. Berry: She knew it was an unrealistic dream for her daughter, but Miller-Berry would not let her down.

She sent a letter to an American Airlines air host friend asking her if Shannie could have any souvenirs from airlines. She received a call from a pilot who told her that they would do something other than a birthday party. He said, "We are going to organize his birthday party in a Boeing jet plane. "

The birthday party was more than the mother and daughter could have dreamed of. The entire first class was filled with Shannie's friends and local celebrities showed up for the trip, just like the mayor of Columbus, South Carolina.

Miller-Berry was shocked by the generosity of the airline, but the surprise for Shannie did not stop there. American Airlines discovered that Shannie really wanted to be a flight attendant. So, they sent her an official uniform and a badge so she could watch the flight and all the other flights afterwards.

Because of her condition, Shannie is unable to fly frequently on long flights. However, as she is able to often fly to Cincinnatti, the airline has decided to include it in flight personnel on each flight.


posted by Deanna Miller Berry sure Friday, September 28, 2018

Shannie registers as an employee prior to each flight and assists the flight attendants before she is forced to sit and rest. Shannie usually helps her fellow flight attendants to demonstrate safety instructions. Until now, she has "worked" in full uniform about four times since her birthday flight.

Shannie must complete her bucket list article every time she flies. The remaining elements of the list: meet the Obama, dance on the show of Ellen DeGeneres and go to his ball of graduating hot air balloon.

"She has a Barack Obama doll," said Miller-Berry. And she sleeps with every night. She is the only person who can sleep with Barack Obama and get out, "joked his mother.

Shannie's 2016 deal was fraught with risks and growth that she had found aggressively, Miller-Berry said. However, Shannie will undergo an emergency surgery next week and her family is confident that she will keep her spirits up through her.

"I'm really making his list of candidates come true," said Miller-Berry. At least one item on the list is in preparation – Miller-Berry hopes to offer Shannie a balloon flight for his prom. She also hopes that when her daughter turns 18, she will be officially employed by American Airlines and get a job in the terminal.

For Shannie, nothing is impossible. His dreams continue to come true, because of his optimism and fighting spirit.