A K-9 unit, a helicopter and several police departments were needed to locate three people who had initially escaped the Chisago County deputies early Saturday morning.

At around half past two in the morning, a county deputy attempted to arrest a driver who was traveling 120 km / h on Interstate 35 near North Branch, according to the Chisago County Sheriff's Office. .

The driver fled and the deputy minister continued for more than 3.5 km. The pursuit continued west on Minnesota 95 and south on 301st Avenue in North Branch Township of Isanti County.

The driver, Nile Jones-Vogt, of Coon Rapids, stopped the vehicle and escaped on foot with two passengers – Noelle Stockhausen, 20, from Minneapolis and
Katelyn Gitzen, 19, from Coon Rapids. A passenger, aged 20 and originally from Andover, stayed inside the vehicle.

Police called the dogs and the helicopter, as well as deputies from Chisago and Isanti counties and officers from North Branch and the Minnesota State Patrol.

Discussions with the scanners indicated that the suspects fled into the woods and one of them was arrested hidden in a tree. Two surrendered when they were told of the presence of a K-9 unit, Sgt said. Steve Pouti of the Chisago County Sheriff's Office. The third suspect was discovered by the Minnesota State Patrol using infrared technology.

According to a tweet from Chisago County, the police asked the man who was hiding in the tree how high he was. The man misunderstood the question and replied, "I smoke a lot of weeds so hard."

Jones-Vogt was sentenced to the Chisago County Jail for fleeing the police in a motor vehicle, a crime. He was also cited for fleeing the police on foot, driving recklessly and drunk driving while intoxicated, all offenses constituting a crime.

Stockhausen had been arrested for drinking alcohol from minors and fleeing the police on foot. Gitzen was booked for fleeing the police on foot.

The unidentified passenger who remained in the car was cited for drug possession and released.