Allow extra time to get to the airport (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) –

Before you can fly into the friendly skies, you have to brave the bumpy roads to get to the airport and, from Monday, you will want to take more time to get there.

"Certainly for early morning flights, this is one of our busiest times, so give yourself a little more time to make sure you have enough time for these detours," said Airport spokeswoman Stephanie Chester.

Eight bridges along Highway 11 will be redeveloped, which is another day for taxi drivers like Victor Cole.

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"Well, we are used to it, I mean, there is anyway any construction work in town, whether at the airport, downtown or at the airport. inside the city, "he said.

And speaking of the city, they also start a project near the airport on Monday. East Virgin Street, the road between Fine Airport Parking and the airport, will be reduced to one lane.

"We expect a bit of congestion, so we recommend that people arrive early enough," said Jeremy Bautista, Managing Director of Fine Airport Parking, to give us an overview of the work done.

"If you take the Pine Street Exit, if you are heading north on the 11th, take the Pine Street Exit, go up to Memorial, head north on Memorial and you will be able to access the # 1. 39 installation without running into problems with construction, "he said.

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With regard to non-road airport delays? It was reported that TSA officers were calling patients following the arrest.

A source tells Tulsa Channel 8 that we have not had a problem like this here yet.

Meanwhile, back outside, simple and flawless advice on how to take your flight from Victor.

"Oh, leave early, that's all, you know, it does not take much, but leave earlier," he said.