Hundreds of Transportation Safety Administrators went to work in Dallas-Fort Worth and at other airports after working without pay because of the partial closure of the government.

According to CNN, calls made at DFW Airport increased by 200 to 300%. As a general rule, 25 to 30 TSA employees call on average absentee work.

"It's certainly going to affect the flying public that we've vowed to protect," CNN Hydrick Thomas, president of the TSA National Employees Union, told CNN.

Michael Bilello, TSA Assistant Public Affairs Administrator, said TSA was watching the situation closely.

Bilello said the incoming calls from Star-Telegram had started during the holiday period and had increased, but had a "minimal" impact.

"The effectiveness of security will not be compromised and the performance standards will not change," he said by text message. "TSA is grateful to agents who report to work, remain mission-focused and respectful of the traveling public as they continue the important work necessary to secure the country's transportation systems."

He added that waiting times could be affected depending on the number of people who called, but until now, waiting times have remained in the TSA standards.

Wait times at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport are consistent with what the airport has experienced in recent years, said Cynthia Vega, DFW's Media Relations Manager.

"TSA staff has done everything in their power to care for our customers during the recent peak vacation travel period," said Kelsey Rae Young, Corporate Communications Specialist. at DFW airport.

Calls to go out are on the rise as TSA employees continue to work without pay because of the government shutdown. TSA employees are required to work without pay during the shutdown.

"This outbound problem will really explode over the next two weeks when employees miss their first paycheck," a union official at DFW Airport told CNN. "TSA agents tell the union they will find another way to make money. It means calling to work other jobs. "

On Thursday, President Trump said that thousands of federal employees were on a leave of absence during the partial closure of the government., Reported POLITICO.

"This really has a higher goal than next week's salary," Trump told a press conference.

Democrats have proposed a bill it would reopen a quarter of the government that is closed and continue negotiations on the border wall that Trump wants to include in any agreement. Trump and the Senate GOP rejected the proposal, insisting on investments in a border fence, CNBC reported.

Trump also raised the prospect of a shutdown that could last for months or even years, the New York Times reported.