With all these spinning blades and a jaw-dropping camera, it was only a matter of time before anyone had the idea of ​​a killer-drone horror movie.

The drone is presented by comedian and writer Jordan Rubin, whose other work includes a film about zombie beavers titled Zombeavers (currently with a rating of 4.8 on the Internet Movie database).

The droneThe absurd trailer suggests that she too could end up with a score below 5 on IMDb, although that is not too fast to judge here. After all, this could be of great comic value.

The premise is something like this: A DJI Phantom Quadcopter becomes possessed by the spirit of a serial killer before starting to terrorize newlyweds Rachel (Alexandra Essoe) and Chris (John Brotherton).

As you may have already worked, "the couple must fight to stop the insidious device before it destroys them both," says the film.

The trailer, which is definitely worth two minutes of your time, throws us to sleep in a false sense of security, celebrating all the ways in which technology helps improve our lives, though it quickly takes a sinister turn when she asks: does it happen when technology becomes a mind of its own? "

Plan on Chris bringing his quadricopter Phantom to the store to ask him why on earth he went alone to film Rachel in the sun in the yard. Another clip in the trailer shows Rachel coming out of the shower, only surprised by the hovering drone right next to hereven if it's a little strange not to have heard it before noticing it.

From there, Chris and Rachel (and maybe the whole movie) have everything to crack, the latter proclaiming at one point that the drone controls itself.

A police officer who investigates strange events is literally caught with his pants down (he's in the bathroom at the time, you see) when the drone bursts through an air vent to reveal in unambiguous terms what that we feel to be the subject of a police investigation.

The SWAT teams can not shoot him, neither Rachel, nor Chris can do anything because he is in a car driven by the owned drone. It's a hell of a mess, and the only way to know what happens to the pair is to give 82 minutes of your life to watch the movie. Or to go to the last 15 minutes.

The drone is currently in post-production with no specific release date, but expect to see it hit theaters or streaming services around 2019.