The twin-engine fighter aircraft must be permanently on display at the museum site in Alamogordo. In recent years he has been placed in front of the headquarters of the German Air Force at Holloman Air Force Base.

The move is scheduled for Jan. 12, when the first leg of the trip will take Holloman's plane to the Otero County Fairgrounds. After a public event, it will be moved in the following days for the rest of the way to the museum.

"Moving Tornado has presented our team with a series of unique challenges," museum executive director Chris Orwoll told Alamogordo Daily News.

The plane is too big to cross the main gate or the west gate to Holloman. It will go through the La Luz gate, go to the USA 54/70 and then head south to Alamogordo.

Johnny Powell, executive director of the International Space Hall of Fame Foundation, coordinates the details of the move, which involves the cooperation of 17 different agencies and businesses.

"From the German air force in Holloman, to city agencies, states and counties, utility companies and entrepreneurs, everyone is helping out "said Powell.

The aircraft 56 feet long will be towed slowly across the air base. At the La Luz Gate, special ramps will be built on curbs, at least one lighthouse will fall and all hands will be on deck as the aircraft zigzags between power lines, barricades and fences.

Once the door is crossed, the convoy will continue on the road to La Luz, the electricity companies leading the way. Some temporary power outages are to be expected as some power lines are lifted and others are disconnected so that the aircraft can pass.

The public is invited to travel to the fairgrounds on January 13 for the official transfer of the German Air Force aircraft to the museum.

Officials announced that this plane would be one of three Panavia Tornados exposed to the public in the United States. The other two are at the National Air Force Museum of the United States, at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, and at the Air Museum and Air Force Museum. Pima space, in Tucson, Arizona.