A young Saudi woman who renounced Islam claims to be stranded at Bangkok's main airport after fleeing her family and having her passport seized by a Saudi official. She claims that she was traveling to Australia in search of an asylum.

Rahaf Mohammed al Qunun said that she went to Kuwait with her family when she had fled two days earlier to catch the plane and that she was there. was made in the Thai capital to establish a connection with Australia.

Alqunun is currently confined to a hotel inside the airport, monitored by men who, she said, came from the Saudi Arabian Embassy and Kuwait Airlines.

The ex-Muslim explained in detail his situation on Twitter: "As I have nothing to lose, I will now share my real name and all my information."

"I'm calling Rahaf Mohammed Mutlaq Alqunun and here is my picture.

"I'm afraid my family is killing me."

I call myself Rahaf Mohammed Mutlaq Alqunun, and here is my picture pic.twitter.com/RHsnnPWUjL

– Rahaf Mohameed (@ rahaf84427714) January 6, 2019

ABC News in Australia reports she received a video message from the teenager, to broadcast in case of disappearance of it.

"She was at Bangkok airport en route to Australia – she had a visa to go to Australia – and her passport was seized by a Saudi embassy official at the airport. airport, "said Phil Robertson, Asia Deputy Director for Human Rights Watch.

"She is now being held at the Bangkok Airport Hotel and is threatening to be sent back to Saudi Arabia tomorrow.

"I think she was trying to assert her independence and that her family did not like her, she said she was a victim of physical and psychological abuse before escaping."

The bbc reports she told them that she had renounced Islam and that she feared being forcibly returned to Saudi Arabia and killed by her family.

L & # 39; s case mirrors that of another Saudi woman who was in transit to Australia in April 2017.

Dina Ali Lasloom, 24, was en route from Kuwait via the Philippines, but was brought back to Saudi Arabia from Manila Airport by her family.

#SaveDinaAli I just received this video, his uncles just arrived in the Philippines, they will murder him, help me please pic.twitter.com/l2J15PS0gL

– Moudi Aljohani (@ Moudhi90) April 10, 2017

She used a Canadian tourist phone to send a message. A video was posted on Twitter indicating that her family would kill her.

His fate on his return to Saudi Arabia remains unknown.

Saudi laws require that women obtain permission from their parents before traveling or undertaking a host of daily tasks, restrictions that make it even more difficult for those wishing to escape their family or to live in the country. Islamic kingdom.

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