State Farm receives the first ever FAA national waiver for damage assessment UAV flights. (ABC 7 Amarillo-Tiffany Lester)


The assessment of damage after disasters, which are not unrelated to the Texas Panhandle, becomes easier thanks to advanced technology.

State Farm is the only company to have received a national derogation from the Federal Aviation Administration to conduct drone operations on people and flights beyond the pilot's line of sight.

"This drone will help us," said Jeff Bara, State Farm agent. "It will tell us exactly what we need and we will be very prepared."

Jeff Bara has been a State Farm agent for four years. He said it was vital to help people quickly.

"Whenever trees block roads or houses, this devastation, physical access, a day or two or three, we can see what we need to do and what we need a few days before we even set foot on the places, "said Bara.

"Between the property at stake and the number of lives at stake, every minute counts," said Randall County Fire Marshal Troy Ducheneaux.

Mr. Ducheneaux said the State Farm drone would also help first responders.

"It would actually give us the idea of ​​being able to look very quickly at that and determine what structures were damaged or even destroyed and whether they were occupied residential structures or exterior buildings," said Mr. Ducheneaux.

He said the ministry is following technology closely.

"We need to stay abreast of this, because from the moment you are not behind the game, you will be using outdated equipment and you will not have anything that can give you the benefit of to be saving this life later. on, "said Ducheneaux.

The Randall County Fire Department currently has access to the Randall County Sheriff's Office UAV for cases of hikers lost in Palo Duro Canyon State Park or for wildfires burning in areas of the city. risk.

State Farm experts have access to drones across the country to quickly reach the affected areas in a catastrophic manner.

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