Schools in Florence to offer a drone pilot license to students. (Credit: Tonya Brown)


Florence 1 Schools offers a program that teaches students how to learn how to fly drones and how to obtain a pilot license at a distance through a partnership with AINautics UAV Academy.

The district held a press conference Friday morning to discuss the program and its many benefits.

Students taking engineering courses in South Florence and Wilson high schools or in Wilson High's computer coding class will be offered the opportunity to take this course.

A press release said:

Starting January 22nd and during the next 16 weeks of the 2019 spring semester, Florence 1 Schools offers a unique opportunity for its high school students to obtain a remote pilot license. The iFLY Drone Pilots certification course will be offered to students taking engineering courses in South Florence and West Florence, as well as to Wilson High's computer coding class. percent by the end of the decade. (Source: Bloomberg) According to AUSVI, the widespread commercial use of UAVs would inject $ 13.6 billion into the US economy over the next three years and create 70,000 jobs in the manufacturing and aerial operations of UAVs.

Many students wishing to enroll in the program have been very enthusiastic about this program and the opportunities it offers.

Jean Leatherman of ERA Leatherman Realty, Inc. explained that drones are used in the real estate industry. Leatherman encourages students to join the program because jobs are available right now.

Mindy Taylor of Duke Energy also highlighted how energy companies use drones. Taylor said the program was wonderful for the students and she encouraged them to learn as much as possible.

According to the course description, "iFLY is an innovative program designed by AINautics UAV Academy and STEM U, LLC. It connects youth ages 16 to 18 to the drone industry and becomes an FAA certified remote pilot. A team of flight instructors certified by the FAA, UAV Academy experts and commercial pilots teaches the course. The course is designed to prepare high school students for certification. "

For more information on this drone pilot certification, you can call Chris Rogers at 843-673-1157.