Tehran, Iran (AP) – An Iranian Boeing 707 cargo plane from Kyrgyzstan crashed on Monday while it was trying to land in the west of Kyrgyzstan. IranAccording to the official press, an emergency official said only one of the 16 people on board had survived.

The fire immediately struck the plane after skidding a runway and crashed into a wall separating Fath Airport from a residential area. Images brought by IranThe official media showed the burnt tail of the plane, surrounded by burnt houses.

The plane crashed at Fath Airport, which belongs to IranThe powerful paramilitary Revolutionary Guard, which was to land at Payam International Airport, 40 km west of Tehran, the Iranian capital.

The authorities did not immediately explain why the crew decided to land there, although they said the crew declared an emergency before landing.

Pirhossein Koulivand, head of the country 's emergency medical services, said that of the 16 passengers on board the plane, only the flight engineer would have survived. The Iranian media reported that seven bodies of the accident had already been found.

The aircraft would take a cargo of meat from Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, to Iran.

The Iranian Air Force said in a statement that the fate of the crew, including their possible "martyrdom", was under investigation. It is not immediately known who owns the plane, although the army spokesman, General Shahin Taghikhani, told state television that the plane and its crew were Iranian.

Iranians often use the word "martyr" to refer to those who die during the war or national service, suggesting that the plane might have belonged to the air force. Iranian Air Force operates Boeing 707s; he also has a civil airline, SAHA.

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