GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado (KKCO / KJCT) – With the government closing almost a month ago, TSA officers are still working without pay.

"By the beginning of the month, you know, all the bills need to be settled," said Lisa Dudley, Transportation Security Administration Manager.

Our local restaurant Red Robin wanted to help those affected. So on Thursday, they delivered dozens of burgers to the Grand Junction Regional Airport for TSA workers.

"We just thought it was a great opportunity to give back to some people in a difficult situation," said Ryan Sevette, General Manager of Grand Junction Red Robin.

"They work without pay and we wanted to help our best," said Todd Hildebrandt, Colorado Document Security.

Everything has been put in place by Colorado Document Security, a local company that works closely with TSA agents.

"If all the TSA agents did not come to work, the airports would be closed and the trade simply," said Hildebrandt.

"I know some of us can not afford lunch, so you know it's a treat, it's great," said Dudley.

TSA employees say that every year they plan a closure.

"We tried to keep a little more money," said Brad Shepherd, TSA officer.

However, they never thought it would go on for so long.

"If it lasts longer, we will have to start worrying about things," Shepherd said.

"I have a few savings and other things I should tap into," Dudley said.

TSA Officer Lisa Dudley said she had to postpone a trip because she was not paid.

"I had planned to go to Disneyland with my daughter and sister, but this one is waiting for the moment," Dudley said.

Without the support of governments, they are grateful for the support of the community.

"It really helped us spend the day on board, making sure passengers and passengers get on and say 'thank you', among other things, and it's not something we've done. "Usually hear, so that was great, thanks a lot for that," says Dudley.

"It's a very good help wave and we all want everyone to know that we really appreciate it," Shepherd said.

The Denver International Airport will have hamburgers from Red Robin Friday. Phoenix has received Wednesday and other states are on the waiting list.