Places are scarce at the Lewis A. Jackson Regional Airport in Greene County, where the main hangar is stocked with aircraft stored for the winter or serviced by MacAir Aviation.

But a MacAir plan to combine 10 used modular buildings into two larger buildings will provide space for mechanics and flight training.

"We had two trailers for a long time, but we have gone beyond that," said Stacy McNutt, vice president of business operations at MacAir. "The airport has expanded a lot recently with a new hangar and an extended runway. This longer track will allow larger jets to land here. "

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MacAir has purchased the used trailers in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, and they are waiting to be installed at the airport. The project calls for the combination of six trailers to form a single building with office space and classrooms that can be used by flight instructors.

The other four trailers will be combined to form a building for MacAir mechanics.

The total project, which includes installing a concrete foundation and plumbing for bathrooms, is expected to cost less than $ 200,000, McNutt said.

"The new space will provide a good flying experience. This will give the instructors more time to meet the students, tell them what they plan to do and inform them after the flight, "she said.

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MacAir has approximately 60 employees, including 11 full-time and other part-time flight instructors.

The regional airport is home to 69 aircraft, including 60 single-engine aircraft, eight multi-engine aircraft and a helicopter, according to The airport has an average daily traffic of 117 aircraft and about 91% of its users are local, according to the website.

MacAir's operations grew following the award of a multi-million dollar four-year contract to provide flight surgeon training to the United States Air Force.

In addition, the Aeronautical Club has 60 members, which allows students to obtain a license pilot qualification and licensed pilots to retain qualifications.