ANA Holdings takes place on the board of the parent company of Philippine Airlines, PAL Holdings, after taking a 9.5% stake in the company, while the two airlines will form a steering committee to pursue further partnerships.

The committee meets every six months to evaluate new developments and areas of cooperation and is expected to concentrate on areas of joint marketing and expansion opportunities in the Philippine market.

ANA Holdings president and chief executive Shinya Katanozaka, however, adds that the finer details of that committee are to decide.

"In this committee they will check what else is needed and what is going well and what is not going well, etc. So I want to leave the verdict to this committee," he told reporters during a press conference on 8 February.

The two companies have had a codeshare relationship on Japan-Philippines and domestic routes since October 2014, while ANA also offers ground handling services for PAL at Tokyo Haneda International Airport.

PAL president and chief operating officer Jaime Bautista said ANA was chosen because the preferred strategic partner believes that the Japanese company will "bring about a new era of further growth at Philippine Airlines" and will support its ongoing transformation program.

But Katanozaka seemed to exclude the launch of an immunized joint venture with PAL, as with other carriers in the US and on the European market.

"With regard to a joint venture that enjoys immunity from immunity … the type of joint venture we have with United or Lufthansa, we are not planning to go that further," he says.

Similarly, ANA president and chief executive Yuji Hirako stressed that the two airlines aim to establish a "very solid, solid and robust bilateral relationship" before there could be any discussion of PAL to join ANA in the Star Alliance. .

Bautista indicated that PAL continues to take a broad view of which of the global alliances it could join.

"We are now working to evaluate which alliance will contribute to our system and which alliance offers our passengers more benefits," he says.