Embraer reported Monday that it delivered 33 commercial aircraft in the fourth quarter of last year, resulting in a delivery of 90 aircraft by 2018, exactly the range of 85 to 95 that the company had spent at the beginning of the campaign.

As expected, shipments of E175 & # 39; s produced all models with a large margin, because the company supplied 67 of the American scope clause with compliant jets. However, the delivery rate for the first E190-E2 & # 39; s was not ripe, because the company delivered only four of an expected range of five to ten. The deliveries of standard E190s totaled 13, while deliveries of E195 reached five for the year. Finally, the delivery of the last E170 to the backlog of Embraer filled an order for JAL-daughter J-Air. Although Embraer's E170 production gap is now zero, the company's so-called hybrid production line offers the opportunity to continue offering the 70-seat regional jet to any new customer coming onto the market.

In the fourth quarter, Embraer confirmed commercial jet sales after preliminary agreements signed at the Farnborough Air Show in July. Republic Airways from Indianapolis signed a firm order for 100 E175 jets and took purchase rights to another 100, convertible to E175-E2s. Also during the period, the Brazilian Azul confirmed a previously announced final order for 21 E195-E2 & # 39; s, bringing the number of models for which the airline places fixed orders at 51. Azul is the launch operator of the E195-E2 and plans to receive the first plane this year.

Completing other anticipated airshow deals, Embraer signed a strong order contract for three E190 aircraft with Nordic Aviation Capital and announced that Binter Canarias from Spain will receive its first E195-E2 jet in the second half of 2019, making it the first European customer of the largest model of the E2. The airline signed a firm order at Embraer for three E195-E2 & # 39; s and took over the purchase rights for two more.

Embraer also announced firm orders in the last quarter regarding 15 E175 & # 39; s from American Airlines and nine of the 76-seat jets of St. George, Utah, based on Skywest. Finally, Embraer signed a contract with the government of Kiribati to finalize firm orders for two E190-E2 & # 39; s and purchase rights on two others of the same model for use with Air Kiribati, owned by the state.