RICHMOND, Indiana – A chartered plane landing at the Richmond Municipal Airport, in Indiana, slid on a snowy trail across an airport field and across the Ind. 227.

The plane partially pushed through a fence that borders a nearby farm field.

A pilot, a co-pilot and a passenger were not injured, according to Rodney Mayse, the airport manager. They all left the airport shortly after the accident.

Mayse said the Federal Aviation Administration was investigating this incident, a first for her 22 year old at the airport.

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According to flight plans published on, the charter aircraft departed the Waukesha County Airport in Waukesha, Wisconsin, to travel to Richmond and land at 10:03. The plane was scheduled to fly from Richmond to South Bend and return to Waukesha from South Bend later on Monday.

According to the FAA's online information, the aircraft is a fixed-wing multi-engine 400A model manufactured in 1999 by Raytheon Aircraft. He is registered with Premier Beechcraft LLC in Brookfield, Wisconsin, west of Milwaukee.

The plane was landing on a runway that crosses the south of the airport and is heading south-west. Mayse said the plane had overtaken a snow-covered runway. Even with a thick fog, traces of aircraft tires could be seen in the snow on the runway before crossing a field. The tracks curved left in the field until the roadway. A gouge crossed the roadway to the west shoulder, where other traces led to the resting place of the plane.

A sawed fence post was hanging in the air near the nose of the plane, which was resting on the ground, the plane continuing to face the southwest.

The left wing of the plane blocked the south track of 227. At first only this lane was closed by law enforcement; however, all 227 were closed when convenience stores arrived to remove the aircraft. Because the plane was blocking traffic, he was allowed to take it out of his resting place; However, the process has been long.

Mayse stated that the aircraft was finally cleared at approximately 22:07, around 15:15, and that at that time work was continuing to return the aircraft to a hangar. from the airport.

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