ST. LUCIA COUNTY – The wing of an aircraft, including part of the fuselage, was spotted on the beach Sunday in St. Lucia County.

Barbara Tarantino and her sister-in-law, Cheri Linehan, saw the wing in the ocean Sunday afternoon. Tarantino said her husband had called the police.

At first, the group thought he had spotted a capsized boat.

"We were concerned that someone was with and that someone was still in the water," Tarantino said. "Then he (the aircraft parts) floated on himself, then the Coast Guard came."

Phil Wiltjer was taking part in his morning walk to Normandy Beach on Monday when he saw the airplane parts stranded.

"It's just one of those tragedies that happens, but that's one of the chances you take (when you fly a commercial plane)," said the 85-year-old. "The elements of nature were too strong for them (the people in the plane) to bear."

Two aircraft crashed in the Atlantic between 1 and 8 February. It is unclear for the moment whether the discovery wing at Normandy Beach came from one or the other of these accidents.

A Convair C-131 crashed Friday 13 miles from Miami on a flight from the Bahamas. The Coast Guard rescued a survivor on Friday. The search for a second person aboard the cargo plane was suspended Saturday after 9 pm and lasted more than 300 square miles.

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Friday 's crash happened a week after another plane, a Piper Saratoga, fell on February 1 in the Atlantic Ocean 23 miles east of Palm Beach.

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The Coast Guard said that two people and two dogs were on board the plane. None has been recovered.

Friday also saw another plane in trouble, this time in the Indian River County.

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A 21-year-old pilot who had engine problems Friday night while he was standing for a landing averted a disaster by performing an emergency landing near the Indian River County Jail, said officials.

The pilot was trying to land on 40th Street, just south of the prison, after realizing that he would not be going to the Vero Beach Regional Airport, said Battalion Chief Joe Kovaleski, Fire Department of Indian River County.

The small plane lowered the traffic signs as it slid into a grassy area to the east of where the road ended before hitting a ditch and turning around, according to officials. sheriff of Indian River County.

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The next day, another plane landed at the Vero Beach Regional Airport with the engine on fire, the police said.

The pilot was able to land safely around 12:15. Saturday afternoon, and no one was injured, said Vero Beach police. Firefighters extinguish the fire.