Neil Porten flies aboard Air NZ NZ94 flight from Narita Airport, Tokyo, to Auckland.


A 787-9 Dreamliner.

Class: Economy.

Price: The second leg of a $ 1,550 return trip.

Flight time: Scheduled at 10h35m, departure 21h35, arrival 12h10. We were more or less at the time.

My seat: 62C, an alley sitting a few rows from the tail. I have long limbs, but the leg room was just enough. But we can not deny that the seats are narrow, and a little more padding could have been crucial if the flight was longer.

Dear passengers: A few Kiwis back and what seemed to be a host of Japanese tourists, many of whom were clearly excited to see the black sand beaches of the west coast and the green enclosures south of Auckland.

How complete: Almost totally. The Japanese couple next to me quickly moved into two empty hallways the first time I got up to stretch me, leaving me alone. The hours I spent looking for souvenirs in cozy, crowded shops in Tokyo could have contributed to their decision.

Entertainment: Many TV shows and movies that I had not seen. For me, the Air New Zealand quiz takes too long to give you the answers.

A service: Nice, efficient

Food and drink: Two meals – a late dinner to make us sleep and a late breakfast to see us on the way. For dinner, the beef stew was tender and succulent and the cheese, crackers and dessert filled me up; Asahi beer to wash it, arigato. At breakfast, the sausage omelette and ratatouille was good, as well as fresh fruit and yoghurt, juices and coffee.

Bathroom: It was clean when I went there halfway through the flight. Just do not talk about the butterfly wallpaper to my lepidopterophobic daughter.

Luggage: 1 bag, 23 kg.

Airport experience: How to get there from the heart of Tokyo is easy with the Narita Express train which takes an hour from Tokyo Station. Once there, I was in a little queue waiting for registration. There are shops and restaurants on both sides of security, including flash brands like Cartier, Gucci and Hermes. Enter your last chance to plunder the ubiquitous Japanese ATMs. At Gate 42, there are power outlets and USB ports.

Bottom line: No drama, bring home, as always.

Would I fly again: Of course, if that means I will have more time in Tokyo.