LAS VEGAS – I'm on the eighth floor of the Hard Rock Hotel car park, looking for the definitive plan for the Strip's skyline.

The urban legend says that the upper floors of the car parks offer a magnificent view of all the casinos. At the very least, they provide an exceptional panorama, a place to take a step back and capture everything from Mandalay Bay in the south to Wynn and Encore on the road.

The roof is ideal for a period of time and to see the colorful lights turn on as the day turns to night.

But there are too many distractions in the way – like in a building and power lines – for the Hard Rock garage to be my first choice.

Click on the slideshow above to discover the best places in Las Vegas, take pictures of the horizon line and continue reading.

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Paid attractions

The usual suspects are the places where entry is required: the Stratosphere Casino Observation Desk, the Hotel & Tower (starting at $ 20), the Eiffel Tower Experience at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel ($ 16) and the High Roller Observation Wheel ($ 22). ).

the Experience Eiffel Tower is the best place to see the Bellagio Fountains show across the street. But it's through a cage and it's not good. It's very difficult to shoot from here, especially with a smartphone. There are several holes in the cage, and if you have a camera, you can stick your lens and get something right. Pictures taken with a smartphone are more difficult. Good luck.

the Stratosphere Hotel The north end of the strip is much more friendly. It has an observation deck where you can take a picture, watching the Strip to the south, without any blockage, just wide open spaces. Tip: The night is best for photos, as you'll see in the back-to-back shots of the gallery. You can also indulge in thrilling rides here.

High technology High Roller Watchwheel is like a huge railroad car that passes over the band. It's smooth and a fun ride. You'll get great deals from the key part of the Strip (Bellagio, Caesars Palace and Flamingo Hotel) through a window. Tip: Place your camera as close to the window as possible to eliminate glare.

The bars

the VooDoo Lounge The Rio, near Flamingo Road, on the west side of Las Vegas, is a good place to watch the entire Strip. It is located on the 51st floor and is an indoor / outdoor nightclub that does not open until 8pm. – This means that you will miss your sunset photo unless you are there in the summer.

Other favorites include Hyde Bellagio Sunset Lounge to get close-ups of the outdoor water show and the Foundation Hall in Mandalay Bay for shots from the band to the Encore.

My favorite among all places is the Waldorf Astoria Skybar. It does not cost admission, opens at 4pm. and just ask you to buy a drink and maybe a snack. It has large windows on the 23rd floor, facing north from the Aria, to the north. It is also an ideal place for time-lapse shooting.

Speaking of time: timing is everything. You want to get caught in the horizon at the so-called magic hour, from 30 minutes before sunset to 30 minutes after. So plan your shoot accordingly. You will need a tripod because you want the camera to roll for 60 minutes in a row and that it is impossible to hold the hand for such a long time.

The Skybar allowed me to place the tripod in front of the window, away from the guests.

Finally, there is one more option for a horizon shot, and it's an option that probably hits more people than any other: take a picture from the camera. one of the many pedestrian bridges that punctuate the Strip, linking travelers from one casino to another.

Unfortunately, the bridges are covered with dirty windows and barriers that make it difficult to fire. However, each deck usually has an opening on the side that will allow you to get an unobstructed picture of the strip.

Good luck and have fun in Vegas.

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