ORLANDO, Fla. Officials at Orlando International Airport said that a new security measure had been put in place after a suicide by a TSA employee committed suicide nine years ago. days.

A spokeswoman for the airport said the airport was now restricting access to the floors of the hotel balconies.

Investigators say Robert Henry, 36, has completed his shift with TSA earlier this month. Henry, who had been working for the TSA for over 12 years, then proceeded to an upper floor of the Hyatt Regency Hotel, featuring interior balconies overlooking the large atrium surrounding the security checkpoint. l & # 39; airport.

Around 9:30, he died in front of hundreds of stunned people waiting on the security lines.


"Down on the fourth floor, and that's when you heard the boom," said James Shaw, which was on the 10th floor of the Hyatt Saturday morning. "I first thought it was something else. It did not connect, then I looked at it and I saw it and I knew it.

These images were sent to our newsroom after the fatal incident of a witness. We scrambled the face of the TSA worker until his identity card was made public. You will hear this witness on @WFTV from 18h. Source: James Shaw @WFTV @MCO pic.twitter.com/saVn5z0l00

– Johny Fernandez (@jfernandezwftv) February 2, 2019

The incident caused an immediate stop at the airport as well as the cessation of security checks. The number of passengers waiting for control increased while waiting times exceeded 100 minutes. Nearly 100 flights were canceled or delayed.

Even people who had already gone through security had to leave the terminal and return to safety.

"Everyone since this terminal was essentially emptying this terminal and back through this line of security," said The anchor sports chain 9, Christian Bruey, who was on a plane to Las Vegas that was about to take off when he, his wife and other passengers had to return to the door. Then they had to cross the security line a second time. "There was a wait of 35 to 45 minutes just to get back on the trams."

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The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority said Monday that operations were normal Sunday.

"GOAA will meet and review, as they do after any significant incident, the policy / procedures and ensure that nothing has been forgotten or that changes need to be made," said a spokesperson. from GOAA, who added that Southwest Airlines alone had 150 return flights. the airport on Saturdays.

It is unclear how Henry was able to access one of the hotel balconies. Police, the airport and the TSA also did not say they knew why he had committed suicide in such a busy public place.

The TSA said Monday that bereavement counselors had been summoned for security guards.

"Our thoughts and prayers continue to be directed to the policeman's family, his friends and all members of the TSA family," said a spokesman for the TSA on Monday.

If you or any of your acquaintances have any thoughts of suicide, call the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK.

Chronology: A TSA employee dies following a jump from the balcony of the Orlando International Airport

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