The Transportation Security Administration unveiled on Monday its most bizarre and dangerous discoveries at 2018 checkpoints, and it appeared that two local airports were among the locations where officers had made the most unusual discoveries.

One of the strangest discoveries had little to do with the object found, but rather where it was found. According to the TSA, a traveler passing a security checkpoint at LaGuardia Airport on July 6, 2018 was traveling with a child in a baby carrier. When the transporter crossed the X-ray scanner at a checkpoint, TSA officers discovered a sharp kitchen knife that was well hidden in the liner of the baby carrier.

"The baby may have taken it from the kitchen drawer and folded it into the bottom of the baby carrier. Or maybe an adult has done it. Your guess is as good as ours. All TSA knows is that well-cut kitchen knives have no place in the cabin of an airplane. That's quite a no-no, "said the TSA in an ironic statement.

Every day, TSA officers discover a wide range of strange and dangerous objects at security checkpoints. Here is a collection of #Top ten most unusual items found in 2018.

– TSA (@TSA) February 11, 2019

According to the TSA list, this incident is the sixth most bizarre discovery.

Meanwhile, arrival at number 4 is an incident at the Newark Liberty International Airport when TSA officers detected two hand grenades in hand luggage on August 20, 2018. A tuxedo was painted on grenades. a large set of instructions to not pack them for a flight.

"But alas, this traveler ignored the instructions provided by the manufacturer, which resulted in the confiscation of grenades. In fact, they were inert bottle opener, similar to grenades, "said TSA.

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The agency goes on to say that even fancy grenades will trigger an alarm at the checkpoint and delay not only you, but also the others in line and your traveling companions.

"What's even more important is that if someone displays them in an airplane, the crew and other passengers may think they are real grenades and cause panic in an airplane. Or, in another scenario, someone might claim to be real in attempting to threaten an aircraft, "TSA said in a statement, simply to wrap up. "Do not be that guy. Ship these items to your destination. "

What other strange confusions have occurred at TSA checkpoints? Well, according to the published list, an ax, a harpoon, a needle, snakes, an apparent bomb, gigantic scissors, an inert mortar shell and a glove with finger blades reminiscent of the horror films have bypassed the Top 10 most unusual discoveries.

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