17 | HURGHADA | "Goodbye, Boeing!" | Boeing 737-800 | airberlin | Text: DE-EN-FR-ES-CN

In episode 17 "Goodbye, Boeing – Outflutted", PilotsEYE.tv shows one of the last flights with a Boeing 737 from the airberlin to Egypt to the Red Sea. The legendary Boeing 737 is the most widely used model of commercial aircraft in the world. Since its inaugural flight in 1967, nearly 9,000 specimens have been produced to date, carrying many passengers on their wings through the sky. But on some German Airlines now announced a decent pension for 737. For efficiency reasons, Airberlin will complete the removal of the Boeing fleet that began two years ago at the end of the year and in the future will only operate with Airbus aircraft. PilotsEYE.tv had the opportunity to join one of the last 737 flights to sunny Egypt.

– Class C Airport – where pilots sweat
– The worse the food – the slimmer it is
– These shoes sit on the buttocks
– Receipt as flight plan
– Career ladder – from cradle to cockpit
– Flooded – Farewell to the Boeing 737 family


Episode 17 "Goodbye, Boeing" flight from Munich to the Egyptian Red Sea Coast. He is the most widely produced commercial aircraft in the world: the legendary Boeing 737. Since its inaugural flight in 1967, more than 9,000 models have left the assembly line, carrying many passengers into the sky. But in some respects, the 737 who respected looked at their proper retirement. Before the end of the year, Airberlin wanted to complete a phased, two-year phase-out of their complete Boeing fleet and, with Airbus plans since then. PilotsEYE.tv had the opportunity to join one of the last 737 active on his sunny journey to Egypt.

– From cradle to cockpit – the story of a captain
– Limited access – challenging airport
– Keep slim – to load autopilot
– Boeing 737-800 fact facelift
– Proof of sales for flight plans
It's safer to fly with shoes on your tail

Text: DE-EN-FR-ES (Only VIMEO: Chinese)

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