Light sports aircraft for sale – 10 current LSA types

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Light Sport Aircraft Sales:

This video lists the ten lightweight sports flights that are currently available.

In a few years, light sports aircraft have become an integral part of the aviation world.

For a few decades, interest has not grown steadily and is now an important part of the general aviation market.

Many aircraft manufacturers offer the LSA variant, so it can be difficult to choose the right one with such a large selection.

Here is a guide for the top ten sellers currently available.

1. Arion LS-1 Flash
2. Bristell TDO
3. CubCrafters Carbon Cub SS
4. Czech Sport Aircraft SportCruiser
5. Evector Harmony
6. Flight Planning CTLS
7. Jabiru J230-D
8. Pipistrel Alpha Trainer
9. Tecnam Sierra Mk 2
10. Aircraft Factory Sling 2


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