POSSIBLE Airbus A380 CLOSE UP Takeoff & Landing | Qantas | Melbourne's flight path

Melbourne Airport is Qantsi's main hub and has 3 out of 12 A380s. The Los Angeles A380 service is by far the most popular passenger and airline flight. The flight arrives early in the morning and after a quick, 2 and a half hour turn back to Los Angeles! Here is my popularity from a couple of different angles available for Melbourne Airport's perimeter!



Airport: Melbourne Airport Tullamarine [YMML / MEL]
Country: Australia
Flight numbers: QF94 (arrival) & QF93 (departure)
Engine Type: 4x Trent Rolls-Royce 900 & # 39; s

Locating locations:
T4 Carpark
The way of operations
Living Legends Homestead



Camera: Panasonic HC VXF990
External Microphone: Rode VideoMic Pro + Deadcat
Editing Software: Adobe Premier Pro CC
Tripod: Libec LX7 + H38B liquid head



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