AKOYA – Amphibious Lightweight Sport Plane – Introduction

AKOYA is a two-seater seaplane with a unique design and many features. From land, water or snow, AKOYA carries its occupants as far as 1,250 miles (2000km) thanks to its impressive fuel efficiency, 42MPG (5.6L / 100km) and can reach speeds of 135 knots (250 km / j). After a pleasant and fast flight, AKOYA landed in a field less than 650 feet (200 m) and folded its wings to park in the garage. To achieve this performance without compromise, LISA Airplanes has designed exclusive innovations in the field of aviation that allow landings on several surfaces. Multi-Access technology is a unique combination of two Seafoils, a retractable landing gear equipped with skiing and folding wings.
AKOYA is designed to comply with the LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) regulations – a new American standard that will become an international standard such as in Europe with the implementation of CS-LSA.