DeepGold C-130 Plane Accident

Selected by Realflow to be part of the 2011 reel!

We were assigned by BigFoot Entertainment to make this air accident sequence for DeepGold (2011) – the first 3D independent film. Because production does not provide us with a practical element, we have to make it all use CG, including oceans, clouds and backgrounds based on several photo frames.
Our biggest challenge is creating a crash shot:
Reaching a very large water impact, requiring around 25 million particles – simulated using Realflow and displayed via Krakatoa. All the rest is done in Maya and combined using Nuke & After Effects.
Overall, we need around 5 working weeks.

Visual Effects by YASHINSKI Studio
3D Main Artist – Vuk Epstein
Main Compositor – Yaron Yashinski
Produced for BigFoot Corporation (2011)
This video was made by YASHINSKI Studio.

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