Experience the Airbus A350 VR

Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) in Hamburg is the world's leading event for airlines and their supply chains to find the latest innovations, technologies and products for cabin interiors, in-flight entertainment (IFE), and passenger comfort industries. For AIX 2016 we will showcase our unique Neutral Digital VR capabilities, in addition to our IFE application.

With roots in visualization for the biggest architects in the world, including Zaha Hadid, Herzog de Meuron and OMA, Neutral Digital is given initial access to the latest VR hardware. We focus our efforts on creating a VR experience with visual quality that is equivalent to the high standards expected by architects.

Our avionics demo focuses on two areas: visualizing scale models of Airbus A350 aircraft to explore technical data and move users in an adjustable cabin interior.

Utilizing the unique space scale tracking capabilities of HTC Vive, we want to create a pleasant experience with intuitive interactivity and high levels of photorealism all in a fully dynamic environment.

At the first level, users can peel off the A350 jet layers that reveal behind-the-scenes technology, such as the fuselage and supporting structures, as well as advanced engines and re-created wing technology. They can also walk around the scale plane and freely explore very detailed models.

For a deep 3D experience, our goal is to move users to a first class cabin and give them the opportunity to adjust the interior. They can easily change the colors, materials, and finishes of almost all elements of the cabin, including ambient lighting. We add a surprise element to the experience by allowing users to sit in the real world as if they were in a first class pod, giving a much higher attendance rate.

The experience is strung together in Unreal Engine 13. It runs from a laptop equipped with an NVIDIA 980 video card. Extra attention is used to optimize each 3D asset in real-time and achieve the right balance between the level of detail and performance. We feel it's important to keep hardware settings as simple as possible and demonstrate a turnkey, high-end VR solution that can be easily traveled in a single case.

The avionics industry has always been an early adopter and is at the forefront of new technology. Even though most visitors have previous VR experience, few see such visual quality and comfort. Emphasis on technical data and visualization of customization resonates with each user, triggering countless ideas about how this technology will integrate into their business. Most users don't realize how mature the modern Virtual Reality platform is or that such a level of experience might occur. Neutral Digital was able to show that it was not "if" but very "when" and how fast VR would be an indispensable tool in companies focused on avionics.