The most terrible anti-aircraft accident in the world

The most terrible anti-aircraft accident in the world!

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Worst aviation accidents and air accidents in history

Lauda Air Flight 004 – 223 died: On May 26, 1991, a flight between Bangkok and Vienna 004 was flown by the Burmese-Thai border after the thrust on the left-hand side was turned. Reports show that its subsequent diving could have exceeded Mach 1 (sound barrier). The rest was not.

China Airlines Flight 611-225 Died: On May 25, 2002, the flight between Taiwan and Hong Kong broke down in mid-flight due to a 6-year faulty repair.

Korean Air Flight 801 – 228 dead: Despite the flight technician protests that the captain did not detect the correct signal for landing, he pushed forward and led a flight from Seoul to South Korea directly to the mountain range of Guam, leaving only 26 survivors.

Air France Flight 447 – 228 Died: On June 1, 2009, flight 447 disappeared to Rio de Janeiro in Paris. Although the wreck was found after 5 days, the black box was restored 2 years later. The reason was found to be due to inadequate response to incorrect airspeed indicators due to bad weather conditions and ice.

Swissair Flight 111 – 229 Died: On September 2, 1998, Swissair's flight from New York to Geneva quickly hit the ocean near Nova Scotia, as it was a rapidly spread cabin fire.

11 September Flights: Although the 9th of September 11 flights were not a one-time flight accident, they were responsible for the biggest one-day loss of business in the history of commercial aviation. Two flights, American Airlines flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 were responsible for thousands of victims after entering World Trade Centers and are considered to be the largest and second largest casualties caused by aircraft crashes during the entire aviation period of 1700 and 1,000 deaths.

Tenerife Airport Disaster – 583 Dead: For passengers and crew, this was killed by the collision of the two Boeing 747s on Tenerife, Spain, in the most recent air accident history.

Japan Airlines Flight 123 – 520 Died: On August 12, 1985, Takamagahara fell from Tokyo to Osaka, leaving only 4 survivors.

In the midst of the Charkhi Dadr air strike – 349 dead: The most deadly average clash in history, Saudi Arabian air carriers and Kazakh airlines fell in the west of New Delhi, killing everyone on both planes. The investigation revealed that the main reason for this was the lack of English language skills on behalf of Kazakh pilots.

Ermenonville's air disaster – 346 dead: After the Moroccan baggage handler could not read the correct closure instructions in English or Turkish on flight 981 on Turkish aircrafts, the lock blew in the middle of the flight when the plane fell into Ermonville's forest near Paris, France . In addition, the locks were characterized by a lack of known design.

Air India flight 182 – 329 dead: On June 23, 1985, Air India flew 182 bombs flying between London and Montreal. The aircraft fell into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Ireland. Responsible for Canada's Sikh Soldiers Group.

Saudia flight 163 – 301 dead: This flight from Rihad to Jeddah came immediately after the fire. It turned around and made an emergency landing, but all the people on board died of inhaling the smoke before the fire teams could enter. The fire began due to its strict dietary constraints on the butane furnaces used by Muslim pilgrims. Since then, Saudi Arabia has banned stoves, but some people are still smuggling them to make their way.

Iran Air Flight 655 – 290 Died: During Iraq-Iran, on July 3, 1988, USS Vincennes launched an Iranian flight 665 due to confusing communications between Tehran and Dubai.

Iranian Air Force – 275 dead: On February 19, 2003, the Iranian Air Force crashed on an airplane that was a revolutionary guard on an unknown mission to the mountains near Kerman, surviving.

American Airlines flight 191 – 273 dead: Immediately after the start, 191 left engine from Chicago to Los Angeles came out. The plane ran, turned upside down and fell out. The firefighter was quoted saying that no complete body was found. The crash amateur photos triggered the press, condemning the poor safety of the DC-10.

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