Air to Air – vol. 2

a video by Helmut Stern

Freedom inspires. Special ideas arise. Realized with professionalism and teamwork.

Motorized light flights, called ultralight or microlight, have a certain appeal. And of course legitimacy, in many ways. It still gives the pilots the same freedom and desire given in the early days of flight. This opens the door for smart minds to apply innovative ideas with low capital investment and liberal regulations. There have been a number of experiments here and many true pioneering work has also been done: with new motorization (electric drive), new types of aircraft (multicopter) and also with regard to the possibility of new applications. Just like the "aerial camera gyroplane" project launched in April 2013, where the most modern camera technology was connected to the gyroplane and thus high-capable aerial TV images can be produced "directly". This is suitable for "Air-to-Air" recordings too: _wigeEAGLECOPTER.

_WigeEAGLECOPTER, emerged from a 4-country partnership from Hungarian company ASA Aviation Services as coordinator, a German TV production company broadcast by Wige as principal, Austrian-Slovenian aircraft manufacturer Trixy Aviation, Austrian company Dynamic Perspective with gimbal cameras and flying clubs ; TAI FLY Austria for flying parts.

on behalf of: Wige Broadcast,
aircraft: Trixy G 4-2 TI gyroplane,
gimbal broadcast: DynaX5,
eaglecopter pilot: Helmut Stern
co-pilot & camera operator: Oliver Kunz
project management: ASA Flight Service Agency,
flight operations: Fliegerclub Q 'TAI FLY Austria

Event: UP Aviation Days Hungary 2015, 7-21 August 2015
film plane: AutoGyro MTOSport
flight instructor: Adrián Pájer
camera on land: Pierre Gasser
edit: Tamás Kondor, Dynamic Perspective
music: "Invisible Conjunction" – Tamás Kondor, "Magic Power" – Dominik Heer
map: National Geographic Map Maker, © OpenStreetMap CC BY-SA
assistant & photographer: Ildikó Vörös
Manufactured by: Q T TAI FLY Austria & Q AI TAI FLY Hungary
supported by: Almásy Federation of Aviators & ASA Aviation Services Agency

special thanks to:
UP – United Pilots Aviation, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia –
One-Two Fly Autogyro Flying School, Fertőszentmiklós, Hungary –
MEIDL Airport – LHFM, N 47 ° 34 59 59 "- E 016 ° 50 44 44 ″ –

copyright by: © stern-press 2015 …