Airplanes in Reno Airshow Stand Up at Reno Air Races Plane Crash 2011 Friday September 16

There was no exact mention of the death of many people who died in Reno Air Races, but the spokesperson of the incident was described as a ö mass casualty situation Reno.

P-51 Mustang aircraft, piloted by Jimmy Leeward called "Galloping Ghost" aircraft, 4:20 in front of the main grandstand hit a box seat.

Apparently, the video that was taken from the stands and posted on YouTube showed an airplane descending to the top of the asphalt because the audience heard that it was breathing: "Oh, my God."

In a video aired on the air race on his website, published in June, Leeward said Galloping was competing in the Cleveland Air Races from 1946 to 1950, and later at other events.

She said her crew was 10 meters away from the length of the plane and that she had made other changes to improve her aerodynamic abilities and to achieve speeds of up to 500 miles.

"I know this will accelerate, the systems have not yet been proven. We think they will be fine," Leeward said in June. Said. .