16 | SEATTLE | "Birth of Aircraft – Down to Earth" | Boeing 777-200F | Lufthansa Cargo | Text: DE-EN-FR-ES

PilotsEYE.tv shows in this episode 16 the production, collection and transfer of a new Boeing 777F from Seattle – Paine Field – to Frankfurt. This is considered to be the most efficient and economical cargo ship currently in the world. "Freighter" The Boeing 777 combines the advantages of a short plane with a large version of the passenger wing to carry more than 100 tons of cargo – that's a record under the twin bladed version. For three months, PilotsEYE.tv accompanied the birth of a new sky giant, from fabrication to sales and the first flight from the Boeing shipyard in Seattle to a new German home in Frankfurt. Quoted by the two captains in a regular flashback, the film offers a rare opportunity to experience the most important station directly on the way to the new aircraft that is finished, the fifth new family member in the Lufthansa Cargo fleet.

– Fast – from 0 to 12,000 (meters) in 13 minutes
– Expensive – How to buy and pay for the plane
– Krumm – Säbeldesign optimizes the engine
– Controlled – Boeing bought back an error
– Push – There are no taxis in Everett
– Tested – First flight
– Compact – iPad conquers the cockpit
– Ugly – Dream of landing Dreamlifter
– Technically – tour the factory with a head test pilot
– Boring – automatic pilots hate pick-up flights


This episode: PilotsEYE.tv captures production, takes and gives a new Boeing 777F flight from Seattle to Frankfurt, Germany. This is the most efficient and economical cargo plane of our time. The Boeing 777 – "Freighter" achieved the advantage of a short plane with its large wing passenger version, allowing a record loading of more than 100 tons for the first time on twin jet aircraft. For three months, PilotsEEE.TV witnessed the birth of the newest "sky giant": from its production to its sale on the ferry out of Seattle to the airport's new airplane home in Frankfurt, Germany. An additional opportunity and experience in flashbacks, this latest episode of PilotsEYE.tv offers a rare opportunity to experience first hand the most important road points on the flight path to a new plan: D-ALFE, a family of five members of the Lufthansa Cargo Fleet Growth.

– Rocket Launch – 13 Minutes from 0 to FL390
– Aircut – Oriental design optimizes machines
– Testing – We really change every machine
– When autopilots get bored
– Signatures worth $ 320 million
– How to buy an airplane
– iPad takes over the cockpit
– Big plan – Very big factory
– Testpilot tour about production facilities
– Driven to the runway – There are no taxis in Everett
– A small mistake is humans – Let's buy back
– Dreamlifter lifts up like a dream, looks like a nightmare


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