5D2 + 777 Landing + Tascam DR-100 + Filmlook

Always struggling for "filmlook" that is difficult to understand, I think I'm quite happy with the results …

My first shot was with the new 5D Mark II firmware that lets you shoot in 24p.

The only sound coming from the DR-100 is the sound of the turbine when the plane fills the frame.

However, only a few short clips … enjoy … United's Boeing 777 is the largest aircraft that can land on Maui's short runway. All international flights will land on Oahu first then transfer to smaller aircraft ๐Ÿ™‚

PS: I always add noise to my videos because I believe it gives the right amount of texture to conquer "video-y-ness"

UPDATE * Thank you all for the good comments on this little clip … I always try to "understand" movies that are difficult to understand and will always post my findings for all to learn from too … I have done monthly giving away on my site http: / /www.redheadwindscreens.com
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