Airbus A310 by MM – indoor airshow Leipzig

Airbus A310 designed, built and controlled by Martin Müller.

The main goal was to design a model which would not only look scale, but would like to not be too fast, but not too slow either. As the model has all the features, like functional flaps, retractable landing, lights etc. it was clear from the beginning, the construction needed to be very light. The fuselage appeared to be the best solution.
The A310-200 was selected for various reasons, but especially for fuselage-wing-blending and landing gear arrangements. Martin also wanted the originals control method via spoilers, i.e. no outboard ailerons.

While this project was triggered at the model hobbies in Leipzig 2010, it was the same fair which saw the premiere a year later.
Not quite yet, the Airbus A310 performed the first test flights there.
In the meantime the model got more powerful motors, full scale lighting and the paint job was completed.

Type: Airbus A310-200

Scale: 1:22

Wingspan: 2000 mm

Number of Servos: 9

Battery: 2s / 450mAh

Primary Functions:
Rudder, Elevators, Flaps, Spoilers, Ailerons via Spoiler, Motors (differential control)

Secondary Functions:
Retractable Landing Gear, Cabin lighting, Landing lights, Position lights and fin illumination (individually switchable)

Weight (RTF) with helium filling: 348g

Weight (RTF) with air filling: approx. 390g

Max. Speed: approx. 7m / s (equivalent to approx. 300kts scale speed)

Landing Speed: approx. 3m / s (equivalent to approx. 130kts scale speed)

Please note: This Airliner model is a hand made single piece production from Martin Müller. He built it in a creative way with almost no drawings, just using pictures and 3 views from the original. There is no plan and no kit of this Airbus available.
We apologize for that. Hope you enjoy it anyway!