Airplane crash near aircraft collision and compilation of the usual event | plane crash, aviation accidents and events

Airplane crash near aircraft collision and compilation of the usual event | plane crash, aviation accidents and events

911 was not the only aviation disaster that occurred in New York. The Park New York mid-air collision, also known as the Plane Crash, was an air collision between two aircraft on Friday, December 16, 1960 in New York City. United Airlines Flight 826 and Trans World's collision Flight 266 Airlines crashed into Staten Island by Flight 266 and crashed Flight 826 to Park Slope in Brooklyn this resulted in the death of 128 people in the plane of two planes and six people on the ground.

It's 10: 21 o'clock. Eastern Time, United plane said the company radio operator had stopped working with one of the VOR receivers (although the problem did not report the air traffic control devices), making it difficult to navigate the instrument conditions. It's 10: 25 o'clock. In Eastern Time, air traffic control gave a revised permit to shorten 12 miles (19 km) from the flight to the Preston holding point (near South Amboy, New Jersey). The unified aircraft had to round the hold point at a height of 5,000 ft (1,500 m) at a maximum speed of 240 miles (210 kn; 390 km / h).

The weather was light rainy and foggy (there was snowfall before that). According to data from the United aircraft's flight data logger (a "black box" was first used to provide comprehensive details of a collision investigation), the aircraft was 12 miles (19 km) from the course and reduced to 3,600 during 81 seconds. the number of feet per minute (18 m / s) and collided with TWA Constellation in front of one of the DC-8 slows from 500 to 363 mph (434 – 315 kn; 805 – 584 km / h) engines. The body of the Constellation was severely shattered by removing the DC-8 engine from its pylon. Constellation went into a dive as the wreck explodes from the plane when entering the ground. A non-motorized DC-8 managed to stay in flight for a while.

134 with the death penalty, the accident was the deadliest American commercial aviation disaster at that time, and 1956 Grand Canyon mid-air collision exceeded 128 death sentences. Both collisions had a TWA plane and a combined aircraft. The death fee also exceeded the 1953 Tachikawa air disaster as the deadliest aviation catastrophe in the world, and in 1969 the Viasa Flight 742 killed Viasa McDonnell Douglas DC-9 after he boarded the town of Maracaibo in Venezuela. time fell.

The filmmaker and critic Hollis Frampton would be on the US flight, but decided to postpone his return to New York one day to see the retrospective of Edward Weston's work in Minneapolis; . He couldn't decide whether Weston was trying to kill me or try to save my life, bu he said. Climber Edmund Hillary was also scheduled for this flight, but was delayed and did not board the plane.

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