Is the Boeing 737 MAX safe to fly?

After the collapse of the Ethiopian Boeing 737 MAX 8 crash on March 10 and the Indonesian Lion Air 737 MAX 8 crash on October 29, 2018, I discuss the safety of the Boeing 737 Max aircraft. I'm also talking to a pilot who shares his knowledge of an MCAS extension system.

Learn more about the Boeing 737 Maxi construction process and its interior and cab features.

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The tragic death of the 302th Ethiopian airline on March 10, 2019 has sent worldwide chocolate and news about the news. A fatal accident has claimed the lives of 157 people; 149 passengers and 8 crews. Ethiopia has ever been the deadliest air crash and has once again called into question the safety of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, which is the second fatal accident, the first of which is the collapse of Lion Air 610. Java Sea, just 12 minutes after the start at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta, Indonesia, on October 29, 2018.

We have to wait for the results of the formal investigation, but have already speculated that the MCAS, a system for extending shunting characteristics, may have been at least partly to blame. Both Lion Air and Ethiopian airline flights showed unstable and insecure vertical heights shortly before the crash, and it is possible that plane-level sensors gave the airplane false information, showing incorrectly that the angle of the aircraft attack was too steep and that the flight computer was trying to automatically compensate for the back, horizontal tail control, flat nose lowering and fighting against pilots trying to keep the airplane in the air.

The short gap between these two incidents, which are only about five months, has led to the demand for the construction of all the Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft, and the Chinese Civil Aviation Authority has already ordered all its domestic airlines to stop using the aircraft before the results of the incident investigation, which is already close to 100 aircraft. basis. Cayman Islands and Morocco have taken similar measures.

The financial consequences of Boeing are likely to be serious. The Boeing share price has dropped by more than 10% right after the event and the Boeing 737 MAX 8 produces almost one third of Boeing's annual operating profit. Chinese airlines accounted for 20% of the world's 737 MAX deliveries in January this year, and large Chinese airlines, such as China Southern Airlines, 34 on charter, may well consider canceling their orders as fear and worries surrounding safety increases, causing Boeing to make a multi-billion dollar loss, which is another terrible reputation because of the blow to the aircraft manufacturing company.

Boeing is preparing to send an expert group to Ethiopia to help investigate this last case and the launch of the new Boeing 777X has been postponed. Since this aircraft was delivered to Ethiopian air carriers completely new in November 2018, making four or five months old airplane at the time of the crash, the same age as the Lion Air crash aircraft, Boeing will have the intention to show that one of his most popular airplane models has no innate error; the reputation of one of the world's largest aircraft manufacturers is at stake. .