Tawain Plane Crash: Rescue and Recovery after TransAsia Aircraft Failure

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The video shows an airplane that hits a taxi and part of the road before it falls into the Taipei River in Taiwan. CNN's David McKenzie is the last one.

The airplane crossed the bridge on Wednesday and entered the Taiwan River, killing at least 31 people according to the official news agency CNA.

Rescuers pulled together to retrieve the surviving ATR 72 two-engine turboprop engine submarine wreck that soon dropped after the Taiwanese capital, Taipei.

Fifty-eight people were on TransAsia Airways' flight to GE235 when it was out of control when it flew to Kinmen, China's Xiamen province coast.

Fee: 31 confirmed dead, 15 injured and 12 lost, officials said. Search and rescue work continues. The other two people in the car on the shoulder of the bridge, which was trimmed with the wing of the aircraft, were also injured.

The pilots and two pilot pilots were among those who confirmed the dead, the authorities said.

Later, the teams re-used the "black box" of the aircraft, said CNA, the island's official news agency. The flight data recorder and voice recorder were found at the tail of the aircraft, Ang Xingzhong, Executive Director of the Taiwan Aviation Safety Council, told the press office.

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