Aircraft Technology: Removable Cabins, Mach 24, and Crazy Patents – Future Aircraft Making

1. The French aircraft manufacturer has issued patented design concepts for removable cabins which would reduce the immobilisation time of both aircraft and passengers.

2. The design replaces the cabin seats forwards and backwards so that you can look at your neighbors without turning your head.

3. The French aircraft manufacturer, Airbus, has filed patents in Europe and the United States for a split seat passenger configuration – a concept that has been compared to stacking passengers as blocks.

4. Charles Bombardier has issued another aircraft concept that is likely to be able to travel from London to New York in 11 minutes.

5. In mid-November 2013, Boeing officially launched the latest model of its 777 jet aircraft in Dubai Airshow. The 71.1-meter-wing Boeing 777X is the world's largest dual-engine engine. Its long, tapered wings are designed to make flights more efficient.

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