If the air carrier has canceled the flight due to the carrier's fault, they must provide their passengers with any accommodation in accordance with their passenger contract. If a person bought a flight ticket, the buyer and the airline will automatically agree on the term of the contract. These agreements differ between airlines. However, almost all airlines have similar rules.
If the flight cancellation is caused by mechanical or maintenance, crew expiration or issues that the airline should have to control, the air carrier must be liable for its passengers. All other cancellations, which are not within the competence of the air carrier, in the event of an accident, weather conditions, air traffic control or any other matter, shall not be the responsibility of the air carrier or any form of reimbursement. Some of the most prominent airlines offer good-faith snacks, blankets, popcorn and pillows for their passengers.
As far as Morocco is concerned, the Royal Air Maroc could not provide accommodation to Liberian citizens visiting Liberia because of Moroccan immigration law. We have no visa waiver for Morocco. Liberia, traveling to Morocco on a Liberian passport, will need a visa, except for children under 17 who have any citizenship if they have a Moroccan parent (s) and are registered with a parent passport or Liberal who has a TWOV (Transit) Air visa).
The only exception for Liberia and passengers passing through Casablanca (CMN) airport is that they should have a ticket for a flight to a third country within 24 hours. The Moroccan Immigrants Act also states that Liberia visiting Liberia must remain in the international transit area of ​​the airport and have the necessary documents for the next destination.
Unlike Liberals, a visa is not required for Americans to transit to Morocco. This is the reason why Americans allow to leave the airport or present the airline. Eugene Fahngon's initiative to discriminate against liberals is based on erroneous reasoning. The Eugene's suggestion that the airline would confiscate Liberian passports in order to prevent them from escaping was not only irresponsible but also showed common sense.
Airlines are not responsible for organizing their own travelers' immigration. It is the responsibility of the traveler to make the necessary immigration arrangements before purchasing the ticket. They also get their government lobbying to ensure diplomatic relations with the transit country. It is unfortunate that a government official is threatening a business institution on a foreign basis, based on ignorance and fraud. It was a cautious thing to contact the Liberian Embassy in Morocco to get an understanding of the issue before continuing its showmate.
During the Ebola crisis, Royal Air Maroc stood with us when other major airlines fled. They are the only reliable airline to fly to Liberia, regardless of the country. The question of how Air Maroc treats its passengers is a customer service problem that can be solved quickly. .