FOLLOWING Royal Air Maroc flight report from Brussels to Casablanca Boeing 737-800 1080p HD SamyTravels

This … airline, we couldn't fly because & # 39; & # 39; the plane was too small & # 39;
so 60 passengers could not fly
stay at the hotel and wait for an evening flight … or go home.
When I was younger, I flew this airline so many times, but
that is why I seriously stopped flying to the Royal Air Maroc
like 1000 times such things happen to Royal Air Maroc! They are so irresponsible … The passengers started to get angry because there was no RAM at the airport
all the time I fly with this company, these things happen or worse than that! I already thought it was weird because I booked our flight with Boeing 767-300 at first, but then suddenly Boeing 737. In the evening I finally flew in the evening to fly with bad service, bad food and the plane was pretty late. . I wanted to start flying this business more often because I stopped when I was younger because of all the stress and terrible moments of RAM, but they didn't change at all. I still have to fly from Casablanca to Brussels and I don't want to fly again with RAM.

Flight information:
Airline: Royal Air Maroc
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Flight: morning flight AT 838, evening flight AT 845
Class: Economy class
Seat: 10A
From: Brussel (s) Zaventem Airport
Destination: Casablanca Mohamed V International Airport Morocco
Flight time: 03:15
Camera: Canon EOS 550D + iPhone.