Exploring Patratu Valley With Mohit Jaipuri ||Drone Shots||

Dablu MERA BHAI aka Mohit Jaipuri – Miss Jharkhand Alka Singh – Our Talented Photographer Sudeep Bhai – Mobile – 7004500035 (Business Enquiries Only) ———————————————————————— I Spread AWESOMENESS Welcome to… Read more »

Atauro, Timor Leste

With it’s limited routes, I took the first chance to catch the Berlin Nakroma ferry to Atauro Island. Luckily, the dock was a short walk from the house and there… Read more »

Boeing 747 Followed by a UFO | An Out Of This World Encounter | Japan Air Lines Flight 1628

The crew of a Japan Air Lines Boeing 747 first witnessed two unidentified objects to their left. These abruptly rose from below and closed in to escort their aircraft. Find… Read more »

[VOANDO POR AÍ – XPLANE 11] Salvador → F.Noronha / Airbus A320 Flight Factor

Full flight from preparation and planning to landing. Planning: Be a Gold Racer! Sign up: www.goldvirtual.com.br *** S G A N N S *** The "fuel" for our aircraft and… Read more »