Airbus outsources more activities to the adapted sector

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The Airbus group has quadrupled the subcontracting of activities to adapted companies and Esat since 2011. It employs 3.5% of employees with disabilities, a rate increased to 6.4% with subcontractors.

Since its first business agreement on disability signed in 2011, Airbus has more than quadrupled the volume of purchases of benefits to adapted companies (which employ at least 80% of people with disabilities) and to aid work (Esat). Far from being negligible, the amount of this subcontracting reached 37 million euros in 2017, the equivalent of 550 jobs. Some 30 establishments carry out gardening and cleaning activities, as well as more qualified tasks such as computer archiving, parts production and engineering.

Annual Forum

Establishments in protected or adapted sectors offer their services during an annual forum organized by the aircraft manufacturer in Toulouse. The December 2017 forum brought together 39 companies including 4 German and 4 Spanish. This subcontracting to the protected sector can be counted in the direct workforce. It has boosted Airbus' employment rate to 6.4% in 2017, compared to just 3.5% of its direct employees in France.

But the future professional law of the 1st August stipulates that outsourcing can no longer be counted in the employment rate of disabled staff in 2020. Therefore, will the group reduce the use of adapted companies? "
We will continue to deploy our efforts to continue this positive trend because it is a virtuous dynamicsays Yoann Lacan, Head of Inclusion and Diversity at Airbus. In addition, according to the new law, outsourcing to the protected and adapted sector will allow us to reduce the tax due to Agefiph (Association of management of the fund for the professional integration of disabled people). We therefore have an interest in continuing this partnership. "


Airbus has set up the Handilink network with 15 companies in the sector (Thales, Safran, Capgemini …) to share good recruitment practices in this area. The group employs 4,000 people with disabilities, including 1,500 in France, among its 129,000 employees. For the technical trades, it offers job postings, part time and coaching. The aircraft manufacturer's disability mission has focused for the last two years on office workstations, which it has trouble filling with disabled staff often lacking training or who do not speak enough English. "We have designed an inclusive recruitment process that allows us to target the best trainee, apprentice and permanent contract profiles., says Yoann Lacan. Our disability policy, which is based on the work environment and the material support of employees, also encourages more and more employees to declare their disability visible or not visible. " These measures have tripled the employment rate for disabled employees at Airbus SAS 'headquarters, from 1.6% in 2013 to 4.5% in 2017.

Laurent Marcaillou

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