Welcome to the first ever Karachi bound Flight Report on this channel! It was my second trip with Gulf Air due to their attractive fares and Karachi just so happened to have better fares than Lahore or Islamabad at that time. Please Comment, Like, Favorite and Subscribe and Enjoy the video!

Flight details:
Airline: Gulf Air طيران الخليج
Aircraft: Airbus A320-214, A9C-AJ
Class: Economy Class
Departure: Manama, The Kingdom Of Bahrain
Arrival: Karachi, The Islamic Republic Of Pakistan
Date: 3rd August 2016
Camera: Pannasonic HVC 210
Departure Time: 12:05AM
Arrival Time: 5:35AM


  1. what about meal is it included in ticket or you add yourself or you buy on board with cash ? im planing to go sialkot from Kuwait

  2. Hey brother do check out my Vistara Premium economy report from Delhi to Lucknow.

    I hope u will like it.

    and also let me know about the legroom of this flight as its an a320 as well.


  3. Hey Huzayfah I just returned from a trip to Doha and Dubai last week and Hamad intl is a great airport worth going to. I also recorded some footage. If you could email me with some editing tips that would be great

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