Time lapse films of skies over west London showing the ongoing Solar Radiation Management – SRM – programs carried out by commercial airlines. Up to 1000+ flights pass over London each day releasing Carbon particulates, plastic micro-fibres and other unknown aerosols into the atmosphere during flight. This causes vast amounts of cloud cover that would not have formed naturally, blocking our sunshine and filling the air we breathe with substances unknown that are probably harmful to us and the environment.

NATS are routing these flights out of their way to pass over London and other UK cities. They are not responding to repeated enquiries by us as to why.

The MET Office are refusing to acknowledge that aircraft ’emissions’ now define our daily weather, while at the same time claiming that aircraft have always made clouds, which is clearly not true. They have even invented new cloud types to try to explain away this situation.

The aircraft involved have been modified with pipes in the pylon and tanks of chemicals are loaded into the front cargo holds prior to flight at hub airports. They are also broadcasting false altitude data so as to appear to be flying much higher than they actually are. The CAA has repeatedly refused to investigate this despite us submitting conclusive evidence of false flight data and the illegal modifications to aircraft.

EASA claim the pipes are original to the design of the Airbus A320 series aircraft but this was denied in writing to us by Airbus.

As you watch these films we hope you will come to the uncomfortable realisation that we are being lied to and that our weather is being controlled.

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