For the sleepy crew around captain Thomas Lindner, the workday begins with the checklist routine before the start: runway, wind direction, visibility, flight route, kerosene crowd – everything is discussed in this pre-start check , Before it is called 'ready for take off' in this weather, the A320-212 is de-iced. A landing at the airport of La Palma is spectacular: first directly on a rock, at the last moment turn right and quickly land on the runway. Full concentration for the pilots!

– De-icing in Munich at -6 degrees
– Sunrise over Lisbon
– Special features of the landing approach
– Island roundtrip with Copilotin Patricia
– Start calculations explained
– Wide view from the Côte d'Azur to the Mont Blanc
– Landing change at the last moment


For Captain Thomas Lindner and his well-rested crew it's just another day at the office. Your work day starts with the checklist routine before takeoff: runway condition, wind direction, visibility, flight path, fuel – every item on the list is checked with the utmost attention. In these cold and humid weather conditions, the A320-212 needs to be deceded before take off. Landing at La Palma is an event in itself: the plane begins its approach heading straight for a rock face, then, at the last second, turns Right for a quick touchdown on the airstrip. That requires full concentration by the pilots!

– De-icing in Munich at -6 Celsius
– Sunrise over Lisbon
– Iceland tour with Patricia
– Approach Oddities at SPC
– Take-off calculations explained
– Breathtaking view from Cote de Azur to Montblanc
– Crucial last-minute runway change (from 26L to 08R)

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