Some of you may know that I (Mike, the Beehive Aerial Productions pilot) also fly aeroplanes in my spare time. I’m a huge flying geek and I’ve been working towards my PPL for some time (usually flying in a Piper Warrior or a Cessna 152…)

But a few years ago I had the once in a life time chance of flying a Level D Airbus A320 simulator at Heathrow during a training session with a good friend of mine who was working towards an assessment for an Airline job. He needed a wing man and I volunteered enthusiastically! After reading through the extremely extensive SOP’s and A320 pilot’s manual, and spending months learning how to fly the A320 on a computer simulator, I got my hands on this beast and had a go at some circuits and landings! We took turns playing the role of Captain and First Officer and it was great fun and an incredible experience.

Problem is, now I want one!! Enjoy 🙂

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