The latest beta build of the Aerosoft Airbus A320 Extended performing an ILS intercept and Autoland at EDDF, runway 25C.


  1. HI LOVE UR VIDEOS GOT A QUESTION! My A320 fly by wire works, EXCEPT THE BANK ANGLE. I an able to manually turn the aircraft beyond 30 degrees bank. Is this suppose to right or is that a bug? Am I doing something wrong?

  2. Am I the only one who noticed that this is not an autoland? The aircraft is in CAT 3 SINGLE i.e. it is NOT performing an aoutoland, but just follows the LOC and G/S…IF this was an autoland, the FMA would read "CAT 3 DUAL', then at about 400 RA the FMA would change form LOC and G/S  to LAND, and below 50 RA to THR IDLE, FLARE, followed by ROLLOUT after spoliers have deployed…  So please read your manuals before calling things with the wrong name 🙂

  3. Can you please help??? I got the Aerosoft Airbus X extended, but when I set up my Airbus I can,t give any thrust! When I try to push some thrust, throttle bounces back and dosn,t do anything. When I put throttle in reverse the plane dosn,t move at all, but the animations are moving. (Air flowing thru ground)

  4. Help! When ever I disengage the autopilot it keeps beeping! Idk what to do! If anyone knows what to do that would be great!!

  5. I thought AP its turned off at speed lower than 60 kts?? And as a sugestion you should fix the VOR's Fonts ,thx.

    OOO i almost forgot, will it be rnav approach equipped?

  6. the release date of the box version is 13-12-2012 but im pretty sure that this will come out on 2013 hope not, but they still working on issues since the original release date so keep flying the ngx or some other greats addons until this comes out.

  7. How do you turn the knobs on the altitude and speed selectors because every time I left or right click it just pushes the button in or out please help.

  8. nice video really great i had one question please the airbus x extended is the last version of aerosoft am wondering if they fix the throttle problem or still the same problem with the keyboard F1 F2 F3 F4 throttle and thank's

  9. If you want, you can watch this excellent video that shows a real autoland with the A320! 🙂 /watch?v=MdK1Q8gdgmo

  10. Its called autopilot :S
    As far as i know does the autopilot just hold the localizer-backcourse after landing, so technically it does NOT focus on the centerline.

  11. Well, obviously still a lot of work to do. Not only bug fixing but also Airbus philosophy… As mentioned before in other places: flying the airbus every day I must say: the sounds are totally different than the real thing.

  12. The autoland was perfect, obviously there was no crosswind! I guess he didn't have any weather add-on running. This will be another classic, like the recently released Qualitywings Avro RJ.

  13. have you seen how the ngx autolands? and thats already the second aerosoft airbus version! gonna stick with flightsimlabs i guess

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