Joon was formally launched on Monday, September 25. Presented as the new lower-value airline of the French team, it proposes to serve 4 locations in Europe from December one, then Brazil and Seychelles, from May possibly 2018.

Free consume and cabin luggage for economy class, and foods offered and maintain luggage for organization classes, the expert services are reminiscent of these offered by lower value airlines.

But Joon stands out by presenting flights on the identical plane as his more mature sister, Airbus A320 and Airbus A340, ready for the arrival of the A350 in 2019. More cozy airplanes, USB jacks for telephone and broader chairs, Jean -Michel Mathieu, standard manager of Joon, defined to the Echos that the business experienced as a want to raise “Joon to the standard of the provide of Air France.” The standard manager also describes to the day by day newspaper that Joon will be ” &#39innovation&#39, and will provide 3D glasses with a series of movies to his Company class.

Goal for Air France: to cut down its costs (by employing youthful stewards and hostesses, on conditions fewer advantageous than these of Air France), whilst presenting eye-catching fees to youthful persons.

Lengthy-haul much more profitable

With regards to the cost of flights justly, is Joon actually truly worth it? To come across out, we have as opposed flights from Joon, Easyjet (recognised for its lower value offers in Europe) and offers from competitors on Kayak, a comparator of flights on the Internet.

We manufactured this evaluation by searching for flights from Paris to 4 cities proposed by the new business, Barcelona, ​​Porto, Berlin and Lisbon. For the dates, we imagined an prolonged weekend, from Friday, December one, to Sunday, December three, 2017.

Evaluating the offers of three lower-value airlines, Joon finishes last excellent with a lot increased selling prices. Les Echos Start out

On this examination, Ryanair wins the sleeve, handily, presenting 4 round trips to fewer than one hundred euros.

Joon, on the other hand, is much more competitive than EasyJet in three out of four circumstances (Barcelona, ​​Porto and Lisbon) but shows the most high-priced flight on Berlin.

What about prolonged-haul flights? EasyJet does not take part in round, presenting flights only in Europe. This time, the dates chosen for our comparison run from May possibly 4th to May possibly thirteenth, 2018, Joon flights remaining proposed only from future spring.

Next examination carried out, this time on the prolonged couriers. Joon stands out many thanks to the immediate flights it offers
les Echos Start out

We employed the Kayak Flight Comparator to get a extensive check out of the market place. If selling prices do not vary enormously for flights to Brazil (Fortalenza), there is continue to a distinction of practically three hundred euros when we are hunting for flights to Seychelles (Mahe) Even so, crucial stage that enables Joon to the flights to these distant locations are immediate from Paris, as opposed to the flights offered by the comparator which can just take up to 19 several hours to access the spot, which is ten several hours much more than a immediate flight.

Whilst Joon does not necessarily provide the least expensive selling prices, the new business hopes to retain youthful persons with expert services related to these offered on its classical flights.
With a fleet limited to 28 plane by 2020, the number of flights really should be (pretty) limited and the squares, few in the quick.

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