Airbus A320 – ALTITUDE
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Dedicated to all those who stood by my side through thick and thin. The ones that helped along the way.
Especially my one and only wife and my parents.
Non of this would be possible without their constant support.

Always keep The Dream Alive because pain is temporary.
It may last for a min, an hour or a year.
But eventually it will subside.
And something else will take its place.
If I quit however, it will last forever.
At end of pain there is success.”

“Dream it – Believe it – Achieve it”

A big thank you also goes to a magnificent company, Indo friends and colleagues alike who made all this a wonderful joy ride. No need to mention who they are cos the already know.

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Safety is and always will be the number one priority in aviation thus all precautions where taken during planning and filming each and every event during flight or on the ground using professional equipment and safety clamps.

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Disclaimer: This is not a commercial for, or paid by for, or as an endorsement for anything mentioned as equipment.

Equipment used:
Airbus A320-214(WL) CFM56-B
Airbus A320-232 IAE V2500
GoPro4 Black 4K
Sony X1000V 4K
DSLR Canon 5D Mk3 EF-S 10-22mm USM
Canon Powershot SX720HS
Heavy duty suction cups : Woods Power Grip Vacuum Suction Cups.

Thanks to Really Slow Motion for the Epic Music Production

Composer: Cesc Vilà
Track: Suns and Stars
Album: Elevation

Music by Really Slow Motion
Buy their music:
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  1. Huge congrats on 8,000 subscribers! (I've been the 8,000th one ;D) This aviation movie combines a fantastic music with breathtaking footage in the air, stunning clips on the ground and a really solid production from you to the best movie on your channel! Honestly this is the best aviation film I've seen so far. Always keep in mind, you are living the dream that we all have. Flying a big airliner. HUGE Like!

    Greetings from Germany
    Aileron Aviation Films ✈

  2. Hello, I would like you to help me, because I want to buy this song to use in my project ,,, I already went in all the links in the description but it does not show if this is for sale ,,, how do I buy it?

  3. my God, I got goose fucking bumps all over me. I'm 17 and I have glasses maybe I should stop dreaming since I have glasses, but I do play Flight simulator with the aerosoft a320 add on

  4. Judas! I simply can't articulate enough, how incredibly pleased I am to not only observed one of the most Stunning and exciting Aviation Contributions, but to further Subscribe for more.
    The fantastic, High Definition Camera equipment used must be of the best in premium quality and implemented by the best Mate's in professional photography.
    Your stunning creative talent is genius. Your beautiful music score is brilliantly synced to the visual aspect and results in such tremendous traction for the Audience. This unique, to but afew, ability allows an emotional trigger to engage in the most wonderful memories built upon a career within the Aviation Community.
    Your creative vantage views of Flight Deck avionics is the best, as I am everything which has to do with Buttons, Switches, Gauges and Colorful Lights, even the comprehensive Digital Glass Screens.
    Your Channel will proliferate with that of High Pressure Aviation's, as ya'll seemed to have been cut within the same cloth, if you will. Both being tremendous Aviation Channels.
    Good luck with your endeavors, especially in this genre, as I'll look forward to each and every contribution.

  5. Manwel, I would say the best aviation video on youtube. Excellent choice of music, beautiful camera angles and crisp editing.
    Your channel is a lesson for people wants to stand out of crowd. Well done mate, and looking forward for more videos.

  6. I'm not a really Airbus fan but this video is amazing! And it gives a really good perspective of the Airbus family! Brilliant job there!

  7. That's an amazing video mate, well done… incredibly well shot and edited. I'm moving from the ATR on to the A320 soon, starting type rating in April, even more excited having seen this video!

  8. I literally have cannot put into words how I just felt throughout that video. Inspiring doesn't begin to explain it. Cannot wait to start my flight training next month !!!!

  9. YOU MY FRIEND EARNED A SUBSCRIBER. Holy shit, this was more than beautifully produced and told an amazing story. Thank you, thank you for bringing goose bumps and chills whilst watching this amazing film. I can't wait to binge the rest of your videos and be inspired. Thank you.

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